Can You Sublimate On Canvas – Sublimation on Canvas

In this modern age you can sublimate on many materials. But many people ask the question can you sublimate on canvas material? The answer is simply yes, you can sublimate on canvas.

Can you sublimate on canvas

Canvas sublimation printing is one of the most useful techniques for printing the design. The image on the canvas transferred by using an easy press or regular heat press. An attractive or vibrant image or design is generated on the canvas by stretching it on a stretcher bar. By using this process, the user can print the desired image or design on the canvas and can customize it accordingly.

There are different types of canvas. We can use cotton or polyester separately to make canvas. Some canvases are made from both cotton and polyester mixture. As we can not perform sublimation directly on 100% cotton fabric, dark colored fabric or any other material. But we can directly sublimate on those fabrics which are polyester coated or light colored.

Can you Sublimate on Canvas? – Sublimation Canvas Blanks

Yes you can apply sublimation printing process on canvas. Now here is brief discussion how to sublimate on canvas.

How to Sublimate On Canvas? – Sublimation onto Canvas

Material for Sublimation on Canvas

Before starting the sublimation onto canvas process, the following are the materials that are needed to complete the process.

• Sublimation Printer
This is another most important material without which the sublimation process is incomplete. The demand for these printers has increased with the passage of time which contributes to the significant decrease in the prices. Hence these printers are one of the most important factors in completing the process of sublimation.

• Sublimation Paper
Sublimation paper is one of the useful materials that is used during the sublimation process. A regular paper can be used as a sublimation paper but that cannot be a good carrier of the sublimation dye and ink. While using the sublimation papers, keep in mind that the paper should be able to accept the moisture in case of a maximum ink limit.

• Canvas Blanks
In the sublimation process, polyester is one of the most ideal and best materials. It transfers the desired design without reducing the resolution, providing the best quality designs and images. Blanks that are 100% made of cotton cannot be used for sublimation as designs on this fabric are temporary and can wash off easily.

• Sublimation Ink
This is another significant material that completes the process of sublimation. The function of these sublimation inks depends upon the dye used in the process. The higher the temperature, the better will be the transfer of ink on the substrate which results in printing high-quality images and designs. The best part of the sublimation ink is that it does not fade and is smudge-proof. Now we will discuss how to sublimate on canvas.

• Heat Resistance Gloves

It is necessary to save your hands from the heat of sublimation. For this purpose use these heat resistant gloves. Made to withstand high temperatures, they ensure your hands stay safe while transferring stunning designs onto canvas. These gloves keep your hands burn free, allowing you to focus on creating art without any worries.

Process of SublimationHow to Sublimate onto Canvas

The process of sublimation starts with the selection of desired image or design for canvas sublimation. It consists of following some steps,

Step 1 – Print Image

1- Measure the canvas: Take accurate measurements of the length and width of the canvas. Do not round up the digits. Add an inch to the size you have taken to avoid getting blank areas on the canvas after sublimation.

2- Import the image: Import your image into a graphics software like Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator, or CorelDraw. Resize the image according to the measurements of the canvas using a size template.

3- Use a high resolution image: Make sure the image you use is of high resolution. Avoid using low resolution images as they may result in blurry prints.

4- Turn on your sublimation printer: Ensure your sublimation printer is turned on and has enough ink to produce bright prints. If the printer is low on ink, replace it before printing.

5- Print a test image: Before printing on the canvas, print a test copy of the image on plain paper to help you find and correct any problems.

6- Print the image: When printing the final image, select the highest quality and turn off any fast printing mode. This will be crispy detailed, high quality print on the canvas.

Step 2 – Use of Heat Laminate Sheet

In Step 2, let’s discuss the process of applying heat laminate sheets onto the canvas.

1- First, you need to prepare the canvas and the heat laminate sheet. The heat laminate sheet consists of two sheets that are joined from one side.

2- After that you should cut the sheet from the side to obtain a single sheet.

3- To transfer a design onto a canvas using a heat press, first, you need to cut a heat laminate sheet to the size of the canvas.

4- Next, place the canvas onto the heat press and position the heat laminate sheet on top of the canvas, followed by a sheet of butcher paper.

5- After placing the butcher paper, maintain sublimation on canvas temperature of heat press machine from 370 to 390 degrees for 40 seconds.

This step completes the process of applying the heat laminate sheet onto the canvas.

Step 3 – Final Result

Moving on to the final step of sublimating on canvas, please follow the instructions below:

1- Gather the canvas, image, and heat tapes.

2- Place the image over the canvas, ensuring it is perfectly aligned, and secure it in place using heat tapes.

3- Insert the taped canvas and image into the heat press, making sure the image side is in contact with the base of the press. Cover it with butcher paper.

4- Apply sublimation on canvas temperature 370 to 390 degrees for 40 seconds.

5- Remove the canvas from the heat press and voila! You now have your sublimated canvas with vibrant colors that pop.

Canvas Products Which We Can Sublimate on

There are multiple canvas products which we can use for sublimation. Some of them are;

  • Tote bag
  • Shopping Bags
  • Purses
  • Ceramic Mugs
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Polyester Aprons
  • Pillowcases
  • Polyester mouse mats

Tips for Sublimation Printing on Canvas

  • When you print on canvas, the size of the design keep little bit more than the canvas. In this way the design will map on the canvas and looks good.
  • When you remove the canvas from the frame. It is recommended to press it for 20-30 seconds in the heat press to avoid wrinkles issues.


Can you put sublimation on canvas shoes?

Yes, you can put sublimation on canvas shoes by applying the same sublimation process by using the right tools and materials like fabric glue, fabric sheet, and Cricut.

Can you sublimation on canvas bags?

You can do the sublimation process on canvas bags by using a sublimation printer that prints the design on the sublimation paper. The canvas bag is prepared by using sublimation spray. With the help of a heat press, the design is then transferred to the canvas bags.

What temperature do I sublimate on canvas?

The sublimation on canvas temperature is 370 to 390 degrees for 40 seconds. This temperature is perfect for sublimating the desired image and design on the required substrate.

What type of canvas is used for sublimation?

The best material that is suitable for the sublimation process is polyester. Canvas made from synthetic material is suitable for sublimation, providing high quality images and designs and achieving better sublimation results.

Can I sublimate on canvas?

Yes, you can perform sublimation on canvas. Sublimation printing is mostly used on different products including polyester fabrics like canvas. In this process a design is transferred onto coated layer of canvas using the heat and pressure.


After this discussion you will get to know can you sublimate on canvas and how to sublimate on canvas. Sublimation canvas is the process of performing the sublimation process and printing the desired images and designs on the canvas by stretching it on the stretch bar.

The best type of canvas that can be used for the sublimation process is polyester. That provides high quality images without reducing their resolution. By preparing the canvas with the help of a sublimation spray, the user can print high quality images. Hence, through the sublimation process, you can customize your canvas shoes and bags, making them look more attractive with vibrant colors.

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