Can You Sublimate on Rayon? – Heat Press Rayon

The sublimation process is quite interesting, and it provides the best printing experience on some specific fabric. If you run your own business and you are finding ways on which fabric you can sublimate, then you are in the right place. The sublimation process is not that difficult, but the only thing you want to take care of while sublimating is the fabric you are using. There are different fabrics on which you can sublimate and which provide a great outcome of sublimation print. But the question is, can you sublimate on rayon?

can you sublimate on rayon

Yes, rayon is the famous fabric on which you can sublimate easily. For this purpose some basic tools and techniques are required. And you can print on rayon fabrics. For best results, get the sublimation printer designed for this purpose. Rayon is a fabric that is quite soft and provides a luxurious appearance.

The sublimation process works so smoothly on the rayon and provides a successful printing experience. You just need to learn the process of sublimation, and then you can apply them to the right fabric. Due to its durability and strength, rayon fabric prevents cracking and fading of prints and provides great printing results.

Can You Sublimate on Rayon? – Rayon Sublimation

Yes, sublimation works great on rayon. Once you learn the process, then you can sublimate smoothly and precisely. Here is a simple process, which will provide you with the knowledge of how you can sublimate on rayon to get the best desired results. There are simple steps, which will guide you about the proper way of the sublimation process.

Sublimation Printing Process for Rayon

Points to Remember Before Sublimating Rayon

The polyester coating is a must before you sublimate on rayon as the heat burns the fabric. And to get the more outstanding results polyester coating is necessary. After polyester coating, you can start the sublimation printing process on rayon. The results of printing will be more evident after washing the fabric a few times.

Materials Needed for Sublimation Printing

Following materials are required for sublimation printing on rayon.

  • Polyester Resin concentrate
  • Measuring jar
  • Heat press machine
  • Butchers paper
  • Sprayer
  • Water
  • Rayon substrate
  • Silicon pad
  • Desizer concentrate
  • Cardboard
  • Printed transfer

Step 1:

Firstly, you have to take the measuring cup for equal measurements. Take 1 ounce of desizer concentrate, then add 7 ounces of water to it and mix it well. This mixture probably will be 8 ounces now. This mixture is good enough that you can apply it to more than 20 rayon fabrics.

Step 2:

For step two, you have to repeat the first step so that you can easily prepare the solution to prepare the polyester solution. Once you prepare it, then you can apply it to the rayon fabric. This mixture will provide amazing sublimation results on the rayon.

Step 3:

Once you have prepared the solution, you have to spray it everywhere on the rayon fabric. This mixture will allow you to heat the fabric without causing any damage. You can also keep on checking it by touching the rayon so that you can get remarkable results.

Step 4:

After checking and making sure that the rayon is wet then you can heat press it and steam the desizer. It should be noted that before you apply the press, you should cover the fabric with some cloth that should be dry so that it gives good results. The cotton cloth will give you good results because it has the capability to absorb more moisture than others.

Step 5:

This is the most important step that you are going to do. At this point, you have to set the temperature of the heat press. Heat press temperature for rayon should be 385 F, and you have to press the rayon carefully for only 35 seconds. Once it is pressed, then you have to apply the polyester coating.

Step 6:

After steaming the desizer, now you can apply the image to the rayon by spraying the polyester coating. While spraying, you have to make sure that the polyester coating area should lie under the designing area. You have to place the cardboard carefully under the printing area where you have to create the borders with spray, and then you have to remove the cardboard to spray the integral area attentively.

Step 7:

Once you have printed the fabric, then you have to hold it and press the print from your hands. The print is nicely printed on the polyester spray of the rayon fabric. After that, unfold the fabric and let it dry. If you want the print to be dried quickly, then you can heat press the print as well.

Step 8:

For fast results, you can dry it under the heat press. Put the cloth (rayon) under the heating plates. Avoid touching the plates as they are hotter and will burn your hand. Let it dry for 5 minutes so that the print gets fully penetrated into the rayon fabric.

Step 9:

To apply the heat, you have to cover the fabric with butcher paper. After covering it with butcher paper, apply a heat press for 10 seconds under the temperature of 3385 F. Doing this, you have successfully completed the first polyester coating. Now, for applying the second coat again, you have to heat press it and dry it by following the repeated steps.

Step 10:

You are just heading towards the end of the process. Once after doing the second coating, you have to cover it with butcher paper and then apply the heat press for 10 seconds to secure the print and to get amazing results. Now the rayon fabric is ready to sublimate.

Step 11:

Ready the print that you will transfer in the rayon. Now put the print on the pre-heated area of the rayon fabric. The best thing is that you should place a silicon cloth under the rayon, but that should be larger than the selected image. This will prevent burning and will reduce the chances of damaging the printed area. Now, the cloth is ready for a heat press.

Step 12:

Once everything is ready and prepared, then place the picture that needs to be transferred. After placing the picture, put the butcher paper at the top of it. Give a heat press to sublimate the pictures on the fabric by pressing at 385 F temperatures for almost 70 seconds.

Step 13:

Once the heat press is done, then remove the butcher paper from the rayon. You will get amazing results on the rayon fabric as long as you have the polyester substrate. The steps are a bit longer, but once you follow them correctly, then you will get the desired outcome. You can easily and quickly print on the rayon by following the steps. Printing on more prints, you will get trained and will start your own business with practicing it. You can now successfully take the orders from your customers and establish your printing business. On completing all the steps, you have got your answer can you sublimate on rayon?

Why sublimation printing is best for rayon?

Rayon is a synthetic material and can bend like polyester or cotton. When is applied on rayon material the pours of the material open and ink is inserted in these pours to make a vivid print.

Tips for Sublimation on Rayon

Rayon is a synthetic fabric made up from cellulose fibers. A special care is required while sublimation on rayon because it can be discolor easily. With special tools and techniques we can print on rayon easily to produce beautiful outcome.

  • A best sublimation printer is required, especially designed front rayon sublimation
  • To refrain scorching, it is recommended to aply polyester coating before printing
  • Polester coating is applied, so rayon will not make a bond with fabrics and stay on the surface of the material


Can you heat press a rayon?

No, you cannot use a heat press on rayon as the heat will melt the fabric. But there are several tips through which you can use a heat press for getting a printing effect on rayon fabric.

How do you get wrinkles out of rayon?

To get the wrinkles out of rayon, there are specific steps that you need to follow. Firstly put the rayon on the iron table inside out. Secondly, put a dry cloth on top of the rayon fabric. Press the iron on that dry cloth. In this way, you can get rid of wrinkles easily.

What setting should rayon be ironed at?

Rayon is a delicate fabric, so you should iron it in a low-temperature setting. Too high a temperature setting will burn it. The best iron setting for the rayon fabric should be 3. In this temperature setting, the rayon will be pressed smoothly.

What fabrics can you sublimate on?

The sublimation process can sublimate prints on some specific fabrics and not on all the fabrics. The fabric, which consists of 100% polyester, is best to consider for sublimation. Other than that, the sublimation process does not work well for cotton-type fabric.

Does rayon dry quickly?

Rayon is very smooth and soft, so it is wrinkle-free and dries quickly. You can feel the softness of rayon on your skin, and it will provide you with a good wearing experience.

Does rayon shrink every time you wash it?

Rayon shrinks whenever you wash it. To prevent sudden shrink, you have to avoid washing it with the hot. Hot water will shrink the rayon rapidly. But if you wash it with cold water, it will shrink too. No matter from which water you wash it, the rayon shrinks.


Now it is clear your concept that can you sublimate on rayon? But sublimation on rayon requires some effort, but once you follow the steps rightly, then you can sublimate on rayon perfectly. Once you learn and understand the whole process, then you can run your business quite successfully. Rayon is fragile and requires proper effort, so you need to take care during the sublimation process. The sublimation printing on rayon provides a remarkable experience and satisfies the user with amazing printing results.

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