Can You Sublimate on Silicone? A Complete Guide

Sublimation is widely used printing techniques to transfer designs on different materials. But there may be a question from newbies who are just entering in the field of sublimation printing that can we sublimate on silicone? The simple answer to this question is yes, we can sublimate on silicone.

Can You Sublimate on Silicone

As silicone is a flexible and heat resistant material so it may be complex to sublimate on silicone. Now we will discuss what basic requirements and limitations are required for sublimation on silicone.

Can we sublimate on silicon – Is it possible

Most people may be confused that it is possible to sublimate on silicone, yes we can sublimate on silicone. Silicone is very flexible and soft material that is used in multiple products like in kitchen products, mobile phone casing etc. For sublimation on silicone we required a material with polymer coating that dye sublimation ink stick on it. Let’s discuss what supplies are required for sublimation on silicone.

What Supplies are Required for Sublimation on Silicon?

Here is the list of some necessary supplies for sublimation on silicone. 

Silicone Blanks: First of all choose silicone blocks or silicone items for sublimation printing. It may be wristbands, phone cases, airpods cases or any other silicone base products.

Sublimation Printer: Use any good sublimation printer to print the design for your silicone product. 

Sublimation Inks: It is recommended to use good quality sublimation ink that is compatible with sublimation printers. 

Sublimation Paper: For printing use a good quality sublimation paper to print the design.

Heat Press: A heat press machine is required that is suitable for silicone materials under a particular temperature. 

Heat Resistant Tape: Use heat resistant tape to save the sublimation paper onto the silicone material during the sublimation process. This will maintain the quality of transfer.

Teflon Sheet: Adjust Teflon paper between the silicone product/ blank and the heat press machine to prevent direct interaction. It may damage the surface of silicone products.

Heat Resistant Gloves: Use heat resistant gloves that protects your hands  from heated silicone products. 

I suggest, for best result, follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of sublimation supplies and equipment. Also keep in mind that every silicone product has its own characteristics.

Sublimation process on silicone – A complete guide 

To get a successful vibrant design on your silicone blanks we have to follow some steps. These steps are as follow,

Select Silicone Blanks: Select the silicone product on which you want to print. It may be any airpods, wristband, phone cases or any other silicone product.

Design Preparation: Create our required design by using any designing software. But make sure the design dimensions are according to your silicone product. 

Sublimation Printing: To print design, select the best sublimation printer, sublimation ink and a best quality sublimation paper.

Prepare Silicone Blanks: Clean the silicone blank. There is no dust on the blank.

Transfer Design onto Silicone: To transfer design onto the silicone blank, use any good quality heat resistance tape. Use this tape to fix the sublimation paper onto the silicone blank. 

Heat Press: For sublimating on a silicone blank, setup heat press machine and maintain the temperature  at a range of 380°F to 400°F (193°C to 204°C) for 60 seconds. But it is recommended to follow the silicone blank guidelines and sublimation equipment guidelines provided by their manufacturers.

Transfer Process: In the printing process, use sublimation paper onto a silicone blank before pacing it onto a heat press machine. Use any teflon paper for direct heat from the heat press machine. Apply heat and temperature and allowing the sublimation ink trader onto silicone surface,  

Cooling Period: When you will complete the printing process, carefully remove the silicone blank from the heat press machine using heat resistance gloves. Leave it for some time for cooling and make sure the design fully sets on silicone blank.

Remove Sublimation Paper: When the silicone blank cools, remove the sublimation paper. Now the design has permanently transferred onto the silicone blank. 

Quality Check: This is your final product, Check its design charity. 

By following these steps and taking recommended measurements you can successfully sublimate on silicone.

Tips to sublimation on silicone

While performing sublimation on silicone, follow these useful tips, 

Choose Quality Silicone Blanks: Choose the silicone blanks which are specifically designed for sublimation. Make sure these blanks are heat resistant, non porous and smooth.

Clean the Blank Surface: Clean the silicone blank surface. There is no dust or constraints on it.

Use High Quality Sublimation Inks: For vibrant and sharp color design, use high quality sublimation inks that are compatible with sublimation printers and silicone blank. 

Design Size: Design size should be the same as silicone blanks.

Maintain Pressure and Temperature: Main a recommended temperature for sublimation silicone otherwise it can damage the silicone bank.


Can we print any type of silicone?

As silicone is a versatile material so not all products can not be used for sublimation. We have to choose the silicone blanks made for sublimation. 

Is it necessary to prepare silicone blank before sublimation?

Yes, it is necessary to prepare a silicone blank surface before sublimation. Because silicone has a non-porous surface, so it is required to clean the surface to remove dust. 


After this detailed discussion, I hope you will get the answer that can we sublimate on silicone. For sublimation on silicone we have to follow the proper guideline from the manufacturers of the equipment.

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