Can You Sublimate On Vinyl? – Sublimate Vinyl

The unique process of sublimation allows the users to be creative and create multiple different products by transferring different colored dyes and inks. I have encountered a question many times that can you sublimate on vinyl? The simple answer is yes. The users can sublimate on both adhesive vinyl and HTV materials.


The sublimation process is best suitable for vinyl because it gives the original look and adding a UV layer on the top makes it waterproof. The best part of the vinyl is that it does not give a printable sticker like look.

Can You Sublimate on Vinyl? – Sublimating Vinyl

Supplies Required for Sublimation on Vinyl

Following are the main supplies which are required for sulimation on vinyl. If you are already doing sublimation then you already have everything for sublimation on vinyl.

  • Sublimation printer
  • Sublimation design
  • Sublimation blank
  • Sublimation paper
  • Permanent vinyl in clear
  • Parchment Paper
  • Water spray bottle
  • Heat press machine

How to Sublimate On Vinyl?

Before starting the sublimation process, you need to find the picture or image that can be used for sublimation. Then cut the vinyl in such a way that its size should be bigger than the image that you have selected for the sublimation process.

The next important step is to measure the size of a blank object so that the sublimation design fits perfectly. Before printing the sublimation design, make sure that it is the mirror image.

Then cut out the leftover and useless areas of the vinyl in order to have a clear and perfect transfer of the image.

Now with the help of heat resistance, sublimate your design onto vinyl tape to tape, ensuring that the selected design is facing the targeted area of vinyl. Turn on the heat press and set it for 40 seconds at 390°F for more vibrant colors.

By using Teflon, cover the design and after transferring heat and pressing, let it set for a couple of minutes and then remove the thermal tape. Here the picture is completely transferred and the process of sublimation on Vinyl is completed.

How does The Process of Sublimation work?

The process of sublimation is simple and straightforward. As you can sublimate on different materials like sublimation on wood, canvas, nylon, vinyl etc. The vinyl is made from high quality polyester, the sublimation ink or dye is absorbed perfectly into the fabric. These inks or dyes, when heated, are converted into gasses that are then transferred into the polyester material or fabric. These dye or ink molecules are then absorbed in that specific substrate that stays there for an extended time period.

Sublimation on White Glitter HTV

The process of sublimation on white glitter HTV allows the users full color modification on demand. The sublimation on white glitter HTV enables the users to be creative while creating their own designs while using various light-colored surfaces. This process is supported by using the base of white glitter heat transfer vinyl. The best part of HTV is that it gives users an opportunity to be creative and play with different colors in order to create a vibrant colored object. I hope it will clear your all questions can you sublimate on vinyl.

Sublimation Printing Vs Heat Transfer Vinyl

Sublimation printing is the transfer of ink or dyes chemically on the object while using heat. This method is used to transfer high quality images and designs without reducing their resolution on the blank items or polyester. On the other hand, heat transfer vinyl is the method that is specifically used for customization and decoration.

By using HTV, a layer of plastic is added to the top of the object that protects the images and design. In order to keep the image for a longer period of time, wash it carefully to prevent cracks and peels. Whereas in sublimation printing, the ink is embedded into the fabric. The best part of sublimation printing is that the design does not fade or crack after several washes.

Tips to Sublimate on Vinyl

Tip 1: Choose the Right Vinyl: Not all vinyl materials are suitable for sublimation. Select a vinyl specifically designed for sublimation printing. It should have a polyester coating that allows the ink to adhere properly. Always use permanent vinyl for good and long lasting results. It may be clear or white.

Tip 2: Prepare the Vinyl: Before sublimating, make sure the vinyl is clean and free from dust or any other contaminants. Wipe it down with a lint free cloth and ensure it is dry before proceeding.

Tip 3: Cooling and Peeling: After the sublimation process is complete. Be cautious as the vinyl will be hot. Allow the vinyl to cool completely before handling it further. After cool down, you can trim any excess sublimation paper from the vinyl. Take care not to scratch the surface of the vinyl.

Tip 4: There is no difference if we are using matte or glossy.

For good results I have used

  • Cricut Frosted Permanent
  • Starcraft HD
  • Avery HP 750 Permanent

For best results, always follow the vinyl and equipment manufacturer’s instructions. It’s also a good practice to perform a test run on a small piece of vinyl before sublimating a larger project to ensure the desired outcome.


Can you sublimate on iron on vinyl?

In this case, the user can use both sublimation as well as HTV for better results. The user can directly sublimate the designs on the vinyl before heat pressing the garments or substrate. You can recommend this option if the customer demands sublimation printing on cotton fabric.

Can you print sublimation on vinyl?

You can sublimate print on vinyl which helps in transferring the image or design onto the substrate easily without reducing the image resolution. By applying UV rays, you can make the design or image waterproof.

How to sublimate on white glitter vinyl?

The process of sublimation on white glitter vinyl is the best technique for transferring full-color modification on the substrate. The best part of the sublimation on white glitter vinyl is that it allows the users to be creative and play with a wide range of colored surfaces.

How to sublimate vinyl for shirts?

The process begins with the selection of an image or design for the sublimation process. Mark the targeted area of the shirt according to the size of the design for the perfect fit. By transferring heat, the image is printed on the shirt. Let it set for a few minutes and then remove the tape for perfect edging.


After this details discussion it will clear your all questions about can you sublimate on vinyl? You can sublimate on adhesive vinyl as it is the best process of transferring the images and designs without reducing their resolution. The best part of sublimation on vinyl is that it adds a layer of plastic on the top of the substrate along with the UV rays that make the image or design waterproof and prevent cracking and peeling of the image and design even after several washes. Sublimation on vinyl has higher durability with better quality designs.

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