How to Do Sublimation with Cricut? – Sublimation Cricut

Sublimation is basically the process of converting a solid directly into vaporous state without transferring it into liquid state. The method of sublimation has become very popular in printing processes due to its effectiveness. In this method, heat plays a major role in transferring the print onto the fabric. The method of sublimation is widely practiced nowadays for HD designs and various other types of pretty prints. So, in this article, I will talk about the ways how to do sublimation with cricut?

how to do sublimation with cricut

How to Do Sublimation with Cricut?

Cricut is basically a tool kit that includes various designs and patterns that you can easily cut for different purposes. It Is not simply a tool kit but rather a very versatile combination of a machine, scissors, cutting designs and so much more.

What is Sublimation Cricut? – Sublimation with Cricut

Cricut is also known as cutting plotters which people use in crafts or for designing clothes or any fabric. The cricut machine can cut different types of fabrics, and paper. This is why when doing sublimation printing; cricut is usually preferred to achieve neat designs.

Cricut is controlled through a computer. So, whatever designs you want to achieve will be controlled on the computer screen. While performing sublimation printing with cricut, temperature is set 385°-400°F and 50-70 seconds.

Given below is the list of a few important points regarding the sublimation with Cricut that you may find fruitful:

1- Creative Designs

Cricut allows you to test your creativity and experiment with multiple cutting styles and patterns and make them ready to be printed. This is one of the most convenient way of cutting fabrics just by sitting at home and without going out of the way.

If you want sublimation with Cricut, you will also require specific dye equipment as well as infusible ink which are solely meant to be used with Cricut. Also, a sublimation printer is required without which the printing process is not possible. You can find various good sublimation printers from different brands. The materials which you want to sublimate on.

2- Cutter

The printed designs on sublimation paper are then cut with the help of cutters. This is possible with the help of a Cricut cutter. With a Cricut cutter, you can achieve the neatest and flawless design. One of the best Cricut cutters includes Explore Air 2 cutters. You will get the most precise results at a very reasonable price because this equipment does not cost much and is super efficient and saves time as well. Almost all sorts of designs can be achieved with this machine. So, when it comes to cutters, consider this one for the best outcome.

3- Heat Press

Once you have cut the required design or the pattern, you only need to transfer that design on the paper. For this heat is required. Cricut helps in making neat designs that look professional. However, for transferring the designs on the fabric, heat transfer is required. There are multiple kinds of heat press available in the market. Heat press makes the process smooth and easier due to a balanced temperature and the right pressure. So, for transferring the designs in an effective manner make use of the heat press.

4- Press Mug

If you want the prints on a mug with a Cricut then do not worry because Cricut has a special machine for that. The mug press by Cricut is a very compact machine that will help you in achieving some unique and trendy designs on the mug too. This means that Cricut’s application is not limited to fabrics only but you can also get the customized prints on your mug. No matter what the size or the shape of the mug is, the mug press will do the job. So, if you want to give a customized mug to your friend, get a press mug and get the desired designs.

5- Long Lasting Result

The best part about the Cricut is that its designs are long-lasting and do not easily fade away. No matter how many times you wash the fabric, the print will not peel off. Plus, the results are very professional as well as neat. Apart from that, you can cut the designs very smoothly and neatly which further gives a very pretty overall look.

As you stretch the fabric, you will notice that the design also stitches with it. It is just amazing because it gives a more realistic look to it. So, sublimation with Cricut can prove quite beneficial. These are the some ways which I want to explain how to do sublimation with cricut.

Useful Tips for Sublimation with Cricut

After collecting all the required materials for sublimation printing, follow some precautions to get the vibrant and perfect results.

  • Read all the instructions mnetioned in cricut machine and strictl follow them for good results.
  • If you are a newbie, use different materials for sublimation with cricut and get experience. Because all materials are not suitable for sublimation.
  • Do sublimation on some rough material before starting sublimation on your final product.

With these instructions you will make high quality prints at home by yourself.


How to use sublimation paper?

Sublimation paper is normally used with a combination of sublimation ink as well as the printer. It also involves the process where heat is required for transferring the prints. To get the most effective outcome, sublimation paper should be used on light-colored fabrics only. For instance, white color is the best option that is most suitable with a sublimation paper. Sublimation paper gives the best possible results when it comes to printing on shirts, mugs, and other things. So, use it with a sublimation ink and sublimation printer only for the best results.

How to do sublimation on a t-shirt?

Sublimation is most effective on polyester. Even if you use a piece of cotton fabric, make sure that it is not purely cotton but rather a mixture of cotton and polyester. The colors you get on polyester are really colorful and bright which is what we want to achieve. To do sublimation on a T-shirt, you need a sublimation printer, sublimation ink, sublimation paper, heat press, and a few other things. Get the shirt pressed and put butcher paper inside it so that ink does not spread. Then a heat press is required in order to sublimate the shirt.

Can you make sublimation shirts with Cricut?

Yes, sublimation is possible with various different kinds of printers other than the sublimation printer. You can make use of the Cricut press for the sublimation process. Cricut insoluble inks are easily available in the market. So, if you want to use a different method other than the typical sublimation method then the answer is yes. You can definitely sublimate shirts with the help of Cricut. It is not as difficult as it may seem from the name ‘Cricut’.


Now you will get the answer how to do sublimate on cricut, so, it’s is not a difficult task. You can get the desired designs printed on the fabric or any mug with the help of Cricut. Plus, there is a vast variety of sublimation printers, heat presses, inks, and other things involved in printing which makes the printed process so much easier. The best part is that you can do all this at home by just having all these machines.

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