How to Make Sublimation Shirts with Cricut?

Customized products have popularity in today’s market. Some people use them for labeling or tagging objects while others are fond of tees, glass jars, cushion covers, and other gift ideas. The demand for how to make sublimation shirts with Cricut has increased after the hype of home based businesses. But you are still thinking why a Cricut maker? Then this article is for you, I will explain everything.

how to make sublimation shirts with cricut

There is no need to waist time when you have your own cricut. You can make your any favorite design on your T-shirt. It helps me a lot to make my own T-shirts of any design. Even I have printed my niece drawing on T-shirt. Just use your kids art efforts. If you are not familiar with how to sublimate shirts with cricut, there is no need to worry. The process is so simple and easy.

How to Make Sublimation Shirts with Cricut – Printing Method

There are two ways to customize a t-shirt: sublimation printing and HTV. Both processes have similarities and differences, so let’s look around and discuss which one is better and why.

Difference Between Sublimation Printing and HTV

Sublimation printing transfers the color, tint, or hue onto the material like fabric, glass, PVC, or more.

In HTV (heat transfer vinyl) in which a layer of dye is applied onto the material, usually fabric.
The sublimation print feels like a part of the fabric; there is no layering at all as dye infuses into the material. That’s why for sublimation it is important to choose an excellent quality fabric like pure cotton that absorbs and holds the ink for a longer period.

On the other hand, after HTV treatment you can feel a layer of vinyl on the shirt. This layer feels super smooth and shiny, and also lasts longer if you use good quality dye.

Both of these techniques are worthwhile if process them properly. In case you are a beginner and using Cricut to customize shirts, I suggest start with the sublimation instead of HTV for some reasons. The sublimation is more reliable and long lasting than HTV. Its very simple easy and fast method. The color will not crack or dull after washing. Let’s see how to make cricut sublimation shirts.

Sublimation Printer for Cricut Sublimation

To make Cricut shirts for sublimation, you’ll need the finest sublimation printer for t-shirts. In this sequence, I’ve experienced a range of devices and found the Epson EcoTank 2720 and Epson EcoTank 2760 sublimation printer. These are the most reliable in work efficiency, affordability, cartridge-free processing, convenient interface, and effective ink consumption. This printer features low cost maintenance and will deliver distortion less, crystal clear, vibrant, and colorful prints in no time.

Equipment for Sublimation Shirts with Cricut

Once you have the best sublimation printer at your workplace, it’s time to gather the other materials required to proceed with Cricut sublimation. You will need

  • Sublimation printer
  • Cricut sublimation paper
  • Genuine sublimation ink
  • Heat press machine
  • Sublimation blanks

Amazon is the most practically feasible platform for buying all the stuff required for making Cricut sublimation shirt.

As a beginner, you might be thinking about what is a sublimation blank is. For your information, the blank could be any material for sublimation like sublimation on glass jar, shirt, mug, PVC, etc. You can choose any material of your choice as per your printer’s compatibility. As far as shirts are concerned, make sure to buy fabric with high polyester or a cotton percentage to get the best results; otherwise, the ink will not absorb properly and give you faded results.

Once you’ve all the materials ready, choose the design you want to get printed onto the shirt. Modern printers come with pre downloaded designs; and also are compatible with the internet from where you can install designs of your choice. When you have chosen the substrate and design, it’s time to start the sublimation process. For this purpose, printers have some basic start, stop and print keys that are used for operation; you can also seek help from the instruction manual.

After giving the command, wait for the printing process to get complete and that’s it. But keep in mind the temperature for heat press must be 400 degree for 60 seconds.

There is no rocket science in usability if you have a good quality printing machine and all required materials ready. Make sure to wait for the ink to dry completely before you wear your shirt. Ironing is not recommended for Cricut sublimation t-shirts, use a heat press in the end.

Tips to Make Sublimation Shirts with Cricut?

Making sublimation shirts with Cricut can be a fun and creative project. Here are some useful tips to help you create great sublimation shirts using your Cricut machine:

Tip 1: Printing with Sublimation Ink: Use a printer compatible with sublimation ink to print your design onto sublimation paper. For sublimation printing, always follow the printer’s settings. The ink is specially formulated to turn into gas when heated and bind to the polyester fibers in the shirt, resulting in a permanent and vibrant image.

Tip 2: Heat Press Settings: Preheat your heat press following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Adjust the temperatures around 380-400°F or 193-204°C and medium pressure to get the best results.

Tip 3: Sublimation Shirt Selection: Sublimation works best on shirts with a high polyester content usually 100% polyester or at least 50% polyester. The higher the polyester content, the better the ink will bond with the fabric, resulting in a more vibrant and durable print.

Tip 4: Cooling and Finishing: Allow the shirt to cool down completely before handling. This cooling process helps the ink fully bond with the fabric fibers. Once cooled, your sublimation shirt is ready to wear or gift!

Tip 5: Washing Instructions: Sublimation prints are durable and long lasting, but to maintain the design’s vibrancy, wash the shirt inside out in cold water and avoid using harsh detergents or bleach.

With these tips, you can create beautiful sublimation shirts using your Cricut machine and showcase your creativity and style.


Can you make sublimation shirts with Cricut?

Cricut is a machine that aims to cut different designs which you can then print onto the different materials like t-shirts, cushion covers, glass, paper, PVC, pillows, or more. For printing, the sublimation process is the most acceptable for its convenience, reliability and long lasting. On the other hand, you can also go for a heat transfer vinyl printer if your budget is low.

How to do sublimation shirts with Cricut?

The process is pretty simple; all you need to use is a Cricut design and Cricut marker instead of sublimation ink. Once you gather the required materials, use the printing machine and print the media onto the substrate.

How to do sublimation with Cricut maker?

Cricut markers are the infusible inks that are used to make customized shirts. There is no special science; you just have to follow the sublimation printing process.

Can you do sublimation with Cricut explore air 2?

Yes, it is possible; in fact, it is the easiest way of sublimation. You can make and cut designs using Cricut explore air 2 and print them onto the substrate using a sublimation printer.

What is sublimation printing cricut?

Sublimation printing with cricut is the process of creating designs and then transfer these onto the sublimation material with the help of cricut machine. Somehow cricut machines are not specifically designed for sublimation printing but you can use it with the combination of sublimation techniques and create different customized items.

Final Verdict

Customized t-shirts are always in fashion. There are many methods to customize the t-shirts. One of them is cricut. Now here is the question, how to Make Sublimation Shirts with Cricut? The process is very simple, you have to need a sublimation printer, genuine sublimation ink, a heat press, and a good quality material. In my suggestion, please use a cotton shirt or fabric with a high PVC percentage to get the best results.

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