What is Sublimation Printing and Sublimation Process?

One of the very basic and common definitions of the word ‘what is sublimation printing?’ as most of us have read about it is that it is the direct conversion of solid into a gas. Now, if we talk about sublimation in relation to printing, it is the process that involves the use of ink, printer, and quality papers.

What is Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing has now grown into a vast business where you can see unique prints on mugs, shirts, caps, bags, and so much more. In fact, most of you may have ordered some of these products online with such prints but have you ever observed what is the process that leads to the creation of such amazing prints?

What is Sublimation Printing – Types of Sublimation Printer

As discussed previously, sublimation printing process allows you to get the print transferred onto the paper and from paper to the cloth with the help of heat. Sublimation printers are mostly used in small and large businesses.

Advantage of Sublimation Printing

  • You can print on multiple materials like mugs, different type of fabrics, wood etc.
  • It very simple and easy for learning.
  • You can use unlimited colors without any extra cost.
  • Colors are vibrant.
  • Sublimation ink dries very fast. If you have done printing on you T.shirt you can wear after few moments.
  • Create complex on design on materials on both sides.
  • Long lasting print, print colors will not fade Unit cost will remain same if you take 1 print or 1000 prints.
  • Printing speed is fast and easy to use.

  • Disadvantages of Sublimation Printing

  • Polyester coating materials are used for sublimation.
  • Only sublimation ink is required for best results.
  • Sublimation inks are little bit expensive.
  • However, people also have these printers in their homes. Moreover, there is a particular kind of software that you need to have on your computer. The software is known as RIP software (Raster Image Processor). So, given below is a list of some of the important and major kinds of sublimation printers that you may find interesting:

    1. Clam Press Dye Printer for Fabric Sublimation:

    This is one of the best types of sublimation printers that you will ever get. These printers are usually used for T-shirts or any fabric. This sublimation printer uses the heat to transfer the prints onto the paper. All the interesting designs and prints that you see on shirts are a product of the clam press dye printer.

    Since this printer is used for shirts, it is also known as a ‘T-shirt clam sublimation printer’. One best part about this printer is that you can get it at a reasonable cost. Due to this reason, it is mostly preferred by the professionals as they have to produce stuff on a large scale and also at a budget-friendly cost.

    2. Swing Away Dye Printer for Sublimation Printing:

    Swing away dye printers are really unique as they have the capability to offer you diversity. By that, we mean to say, that their function is not limited to fabric only. Rather, you can use them for printing on a variety of different materials. For instance, the cute photo frames that you see, or mugs, the prints on them are a result of swing-away dye printers.

    The stuff that you want to buy as a gift, or simply for your room decoration is basically a product of this printer. These printers are used mostly by professionals for business purposes.

    3. Single Press Printers for Cups and Mugs Sublimation Printing:

    Single press printers are ideal and perfect for designing small objects. For example, a mug, or a cup is perfect for such printers. These printers are suitable for people who want to start a small home-based business and that too do not want to invest much.

    Those who love sublimation printing as a hobby can also have this printer at their home as it is very compact. The compactness also allows you to carry it around easily. Also, it is light in weight as compared to other printers. So, all these qualities add value to this printer while allowing you to create fun designs.

    4. Calendar Press Dye Heat Sublimation Printing:

    The calendar press dye printers are categorized into two distinct kinds of printers. One of them is known as the electric sublimation printer while the other one is called the oil drum sublimation printer. Both the printers come with their own unique properties, different from the other.

    The electric sublimation printer is one of the most efficient printers that come at a reasonable price. If you want to save time, get this one. On the contrary, the oil drum printer is one of the most top-quality printers that offer you top-quality results too. The quality of the image is unmatchable.

    What is Sublimation Process?

    The process of sublimation involves heat to transfer the prints onto the paper. First, you get the design on paper and then transfer it to the fabric, for instance, T-shirts. You can get a variety of different kinds of printers in the market for this purpose as the trend of these prints is growing with every passing day.

    So, in this article, we have covered all the interesting information related to sublimation printing. Also, we have talked about various types of sublimation printers that you can get from the market without facing many difficulties.


    • Sublimation print designs are long lasting.
    • Images will not crack after multiple washes


    Is sublimation printing permanent?

    Some of these printers have a permanent effect. For example, the dye-sublimation printers. The most compatible material for such prints is cloth/fabric because even upon washing, the print will not vanish. Some other printers are also meant for permanent prints on objects like mugs etc.

    Is sublimation better than screen printing?

    Screen printing is an ideal method for printing things on a large scale such as painting on T-shirts in bulk. Plus, it is budget-friendly too as compared to sublimation printing. Sublimation printing is more suitable for small-scale things. Plus, this method takes too much time and is also costly as compared to screen printing. So, both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

    What material can you sublimate on?

    Polyester is one of the most compatible materials for sublimation. However, sublimation is also possible on cotton but that will require some extra effort along with following a few additional steps. Polymers are ideal for sublimation mostly.


    So, these were some of our favorite printers that we had come across and wanted to introduce them to you as well. They have an amazing quality as well as being super efficient in terms of their performance. Some of these printers are ideal for business purposes, mostly preferred by professionals.

    Some are used by people at their homes for small scale businesses (online businesses). On the other hand, some of these printers are used by both i.e professionals, and by people at home. So, each printer has its own unique features, different from the other.

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